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Raul: Hey, guys. Raul here from Sell House Now Cash. I’m coming to you today and I want to give you our three-step process of what it looks like to do business with us. It’s really interesting because we get a lot of calls all the time and people saying, “Hey, but how do you work? Why is there’s no agents? Why is there no commissions? How’d you get my information? What are you doing? Are you real?” I want to answer like a couple of these and give you a quick process.

Basically, there is no agents because me myself and our company, we are the buyers. We physically have the money to purchase your home which is really exciting. Usually through, a realtor they would find people like us through their marketing and their strategies, et cetera. It’s a quick little three-step process.

Number one is you contact us or we hear from each other someway somehow. Whether it’s through online, whether you call us, whether you see us on a marketing on the TV or on an ad, you’d call us. That’s literally step one. Step two is we will set up a call with you, and we will set up a time in showing so we could see the property and make a quick evaluation of how much repairs are needed and what it’s worth.

That is usually the best process and it’s about 20 minutes long. We’ll have either myself or one of our guys go out there and check it out. Really easy. Then step three is we close a deal.

At step number two, we would say, “Hey, this is the price we could pay. Do you like it?” Yes or no. If no, it’s okay. We can still be friends. If yes, okay, let’s move forward. We can close in days 10 day. Let’s move forward. Then step three is collect your check.

It’s really that simple. It starts with a call or an online submission. Then we go. We meet face to face. If you’re out of town, then, we will set up a call and we can even do a Skype call so we can see each other which is pretty cool. Step three, we close. I hope that works. Thank you guys and look forward to hearing from you.

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