Dominica Podcast Squad!

Speaker 1: Raul! Balufe! Speaker 2: Alright! Speaker 1: I feel like that’s Raul kind [crosstalk 00:00:05] Raul! Speaker 2: Street Fighter. Speaker 1: I know right. What’s the name of the Street Fighter controller thing Speaker 2: I have no idea Speaker 1: It was, that was a long time ago, Ken something something…

Closing Dates, Quicker.

Speaker 1: Closing dates, quicker. 30 days, 20 days, 10 days, what day? What I would say is, again, ask the agent. Okay? Ask the agent. Ask the agents. Okay? If you’re making 70 offers a week, you should be getting some response. I mean, you should be getting every response, but you should be…

How We Break Down “HUSTLE” to make $7$ FIGURES

Speaker 1: Oh, you started it? Speaker 2: No, I just [inaudible 00:00:02]. Speaker 1: I see a red dot. Guys, listen up, okay? This is one of the most important topics we can ever discuss when it comes to business, finance, et cetera, it’s hustle. Hustle. What the hell does hustle mean? Okay. So,…

How To Tell A Good Investment Property From A Bad One In Miami

Not all investment properties are created equally. Do you know what separates a good investment property from a bad one? Many novice investors will jump into an investment purchase without carefully evaluating what will actually be involved to turn a profit. In our latest post, we will help you learn how to tell a good investment … Continued

Tips For Quickly Flipping Miami Real Estate

Quickly flipping real estate is a necessary skill if you want to be a strong investor. Knowing how to quickly turn a house is crucial. In our latest post, we provide some excellent tips for quickly flipping real estate in the Miami area. As a Miami investor, you know you are losing money for every day you … Continued

How To Handle Bad Contractors In Miami

Unfortunately, not every contractor will be able to live up to their promises. While many will work with you to fix any mistakes or problems, there will be some who don’t. Construction projects aren’t cheap. You don’t want to find yourself spending your cash reserves on projects that aren’t up to your standards. In our latest … Continued

How to Buy an Investment Home if You Are Self Employed in Miami

As a self-employed individual, you might think it will be tough to buy an investment home. However, the process is similar to those with full-time jobs. Check out our latest blog to learn more!  Getting A Loan Get Your Paperwork In Order Many self-employed individuals will do some prep work before applying for a loan. Many … Continued

Buying Real Estate For Your Business in Miami

As a successful business owner, you might be considering the purchase of real estate in your business’s name. Learn more out the process in our latest post! Buying real estate isn’t just for individuals, businesses can purchase real estate as well. Buying real estate under your corporate name is completely doable. In fact, it is … Continued