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Presenter: What’s up guys. We’re over here at Capital Rise Investments. We are investing all of the above, coming to you today live. So, I want to talk real quick about … This message is more for people who are either working a lot with companies, or are their own company.

I want to talk about transparency, and how important it is in any organization, and especially if you’re working with organizations, how important it is to know that they have it.

So, number one, transparency is very difficult to find, and very difficult to accomplish. Being transparent, it’s not only like, “Okay, now we’re gonna be transparent.” It’s a lot of work, so we have to continuously communicate with the client. We have to communicate between our team. We gotta do a bunch of things, to maintain transparent.

However, it goes a really long way, because if you, the client knows about what we’re doing on that internal side, you get that confidence that, okay, we are on the same team. These guys are actually willing to do good business with us, et cetera.

So, it’s a mind shift of not making this just a one-way transaction. I don’t want to do a deal with you just once. I aim to do deals long-term, so I know if I train myself, and we train our team to communicate with the client, and communicate with agents, et cetera, it’s gonna go a long way, because they’re gonna know everything that’s going on.

And example, we have a deal, we’ve got a contract with an agent. We tell them, “Hey, we’re going to the market tomorrow.” “Hey, we’ll be there at 3:00.” “Hey, we went.” You notice how there is a lot of lines of communication, and that takes work.

We have to be trained to do that one, two, three, four, or five times, and in return, the agent will be like, “Okay, these guys are telling me what’s going on. I feel comfortable. They’re real, they’re nice.” We smile, we do the deal. We make money, they make money, everyone’s happy. There’s rainbows, there’s butterflies. There’s a garden, and roses, and stuff like that.

So, I hope that, that little message helps in any way, shape, or form. If you want to learn more, if you want to see more, even if you just want to make fun of me, or something, just click the subscribe, and do it, do it, do it. Click the thing, here somewhere. I don’t know where it’s gonna be yet. Click it, so we’ll know.

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