Topic Of The Day : Success & Happiness | Capital Rise Investments

Topic Of The Day : Success & Happiness | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What’s up guys? Raul here, coming to you live. All right? Reporting live in the corner, whatever, boom, boom, boom. You know, like a rapper?

So, I’m going to talk to you real quick today, man, what was I going to talk to you man? I don’t know I talk, I preach it man, I preach the [inaudible 00:00:19] I forgot what I was going to say. No, here we go. Alright, I’m going to talk to you about success and happiness levels. This is like a big paradigm in this world, especially with entrepreneurs and people like hustling out there, right? You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, but somebody who is trying to better themselves, someone who is trying to learn more, someone who is trying to execute more, someones who is starting their own business, someone who just got a raise, someone who is trying to really come up, man. Really come up. Not money wise only, but come up like: I want a new girlfriend, I want to get a new boyfriend, I want a new job, I want more money, I want a new car, I want a new house. You know what I’m saying? So you’re trying to come up.

So here’s what I figured out, okay? When you start coming up you’re working really hard to come up, right? Any of you guys that know, it’s not easy, man, to make money and it’s not easy to increase your life. It takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of hits, a lot of knows, a lot of rejection, a lot of powering through. So you gotta … you’re working really hard, man, you’re training this muscle to get up here in your success ladder. Okay, in your life. And what happens is, there’s two things, you got your success and you got your happiness levels, your fulfillment. This is why self improvement, why Tony Robbins, why all these books are so popular. Because the human needs this part, but we often forget about this, man. Like we work so hard to get up here, in this part of our life we forgot to work hard here.

So I’m sure you guys can all remember when you’re younger, when you’re a baby or when you’re growing up you get happy doing anything. Just going to your friends house and having a sleepover, just going and like … for me it was riding a jet ski and wakeboarding and stuff. I used to love doing that, man. I would go after school and ride it and I was the happiest kid in the world. But now I do it and all of a sudden I don’t get that happiness feeling that I used to. Why is that? Well it’s because I’ve worked so hard to do some more with my life that these little things don’t fulfill me as much because I’ve added so much into my circulation here, okay? So what do you gotta do? You gotta work hard at this happiness level. This is the fulfillment part that everybody talks about.

So what works for me is I like to write every day of what I’m grateful for, what I want to achieve, who I want to help. I like to have phone calls with my mom and my dad. Like that fulfills me, right. So you gotta find out whatever it is for you, okay? And that’s when the self improvement game has to start. That’s when you have to start learning about the self improvement game, this is a whole other sector, man. Like this part is easy, really. Figuring out money and stuff like that, not too hard. Figuring out how to be fulfilled all the time? Now that’s hard, man. It comes a lot easier to some people, but it is a challenge. That’s why the self improvement game is so popular and makes a ton of money. Because people need it. Anyways so, whether it’s writing, whether it’s reading, whether it’s meditating, whether it’s religion, whether it’s family, whether it’s hanging out with friends, I don’t know, figure it out and just know the harder you work here, the harder you gotta work here. Okay?

Thank you guys, hope that helped.

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