The Wholesale Google Sheets

The Wholesale Google Sheets
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What up guys, we’re all coming to you live once more. Recording live from my Nanna’s studio where … all right, anyways, so today we talked to my wholesalers, okay, or investors. Basically qualified people who either buy or sell properties. We created here a Google sheets, okay, it sounded like I was going to say like … platform to me, you’ve got to bleep that.

Okay so we created a Google sheets, okay, which if you guys haven’t used Google sheets, it looks like an Excel, but it’s web based, so in real time you can see the edits that we make. And we made a Google sheets for our wholesale deals that we are getting in real time that’s happening right here, right now, as you can see on the board we have some kind of stuff like them.

Can they see that? Something like that, so you can see our Google sheets. And that Google sheets will have all of our deals, their showing info, so if there’s a lock box, if there’s an appointment. It will have the price. It will have the commissions that we’re paying out on it. It will have Dropbox pictures and it will have a description of the property, okay. Not in that order but something like that.

So what’s cool about that sheet is that as soon as we get a deal, we put it in there and if you have that sheet like monitored you’ll see it like right away. And right away the deal, we’re trained all of us to put that thing into it, ’cause we want you guys the qualified wholesalers, the qualified investors to see it. So it’s pretty cool and you have everything you need either to last year buyers or everything you need for you to make a decision, because you’ll have pictures, you’ll have the description, you’ll have the person you can reach for that property to ask them questions. Lock, box, everything, it’s pretty cool.

It sounds really techy, but it’s not. Just loading it in an Excel sheet and that’s it. And I thought I was super genius when I come up with this ideas, so I thought I wanted to share it. But then people tell me it wasn’t that genius, so I got a little sad. But anyways, if you guys want to get on the sheet, we just ask that you call us. Melvin will be the one that responds to you and we’ll kind of just get your information and make sure you’re good. And then we’ll put you on the sheet and right away you can see all our deals, realtime with evidence. Pretty dope, dupe.

So anyways, so click on the link below or we might put a phone number here somewhere, so you can just call us or an e-mail. Put it somewhere. And you can just call, e-mail, fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you. We’ll put you on the sheet. We’ll start going deals. Stack! Peace!

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