Hustle Vs Being Smart

Hustle Vs  Being Smart
Video Transcription

Raoul: What up guys? Raoul here. Capitalized Investments, T, T, I sound like Michael Jackson. Anyway a Capitalized Investments. I don’t want to look like him but I sound like him. I want to talk real quick about something which I will bring up now. Basically, it’s about hustle versus being smart. So, I was at an event yesterday, actually Rockwood Investment Group, which is another wholesale company in the area. One of the owners, a good friend of mine, Mike. So if you guys went to see them, you know, thumbs up to them.

So I was at an event of theirs yesterday and I was talking to some of their guys and some other guys who are starting in the business, and I got a lot of feedback on the videos, which was pretty cool. But I got a lot of feedback of how they’re thinking which is good. Basically a lot of the guys have the thing of like, “Yeah, I can do some deals, but I don’t know whether to get a team, I can do some deals, I don’t know whether to hire, I can do some deals but, this, this and that.” So I would say they’re on the right track.

What I want to get at here is, hustle first analyze later. A lot of people are like, “Oh no, but I estimate if I make this amount of offers, I make this amount of money, then our option already higher and count every single dollar that comes in and then, and then, and then, and then, and then.

So I would say, shush, I would say hustle, okay, get your feet on the ground. Get it out there, do deals. In whatever business you’re in, or whatever work that you’re in. Get it out there, get your name out there do some deals, make money, okay. Get your money ready first and then you start thinking of analyzing. So it’s a better problem to have when you did a bunch of e-mails, you made $50,000 and now you’re like, “Okay. Crap, what do I do with my fifty grand.” Now that’s strategy, okay. you do hustle, then strategy. Now that’s strategy, but why are you even doing strategy when you got no money? And you got no deals and you got no clients, and you got no marketing and you got no nothing.

What the hell are you going to strategize? There’s nothing to strategize about. For that you know, don’t do anything, for that, just work out or something, I don’t know, do jumping jacks. You got no money, so what are you going to strategize? Strategize once you have money. Strategize once you are working, once you are a part of a good team, strategize how you can get better with that team. Strategize, but after you’re in, after you hustle. After you put in the work. You can’t skip those steps. There’s no skipping steps, zero. Unless you like are born from a prince, okay.

But not from a prince, it would be a princess, but I don’t know, whatever. So, hustle, then strategize. Hope that you guys found that helpful in whatever way shape or form. Subscribe, here, here and Peace! Take care!

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