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Speaker 1: Hey guys. Check this out. Raul here at Capital Rise Investments. Wholesaler, neighborhood wholesaler, I like that one, it’s like Spiderman. So this is a deal, real deal, real life that we sold recently, okay? That deal was a house in Miami Florida, South Florida. It was actually by the Miami River, really cool deal. Three bed, two bath house. It needed everything, okay? It needed floors, bathrooms, kitchens, roof I think, landscape, the whole deal, okay? Really nice little neighborhood, up and coming neighborhood. The houses around it were selling for 360,000, and those were real. There was two houses, one sold for 350, one sold for 360. Literally in the block right in front. So that was pretty cool. And we sold this bad boy, got 235. 235, okay? So it needed a lot of work. I don’t know how much exactly in repairs. Call it 40, 50,000. But there’s still a pretty good chunk of equity there.

And a fix and flipper bought it to renovate it. We just sold it, so it’s gonna take a little time before we see how much profit he actually makes. Really cool deal, real time. Happening right now. Or happened already. But it happened, it’s gonna happen again. You better be a part of it, here somewhere. Before I start dancing here. So yeah, that’s a really cool deal in Miami Florida. We got a bunch more always coming up. Find us online, links, websites, blogs, YouTube, and the Facebooks and the Grams and the Twits and the Snaps, all that shit. All right? Later guys, have a good one.

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