20501 NW 33rd Ct Miami Gardens

20501 NW 33rd Ct Miami Gardens
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What up guys? We’re all here at Capital Rise Investments. Check it out. Check it out. Take a screenshot. Check it out.

This is a real life video of real time. I like to do this because, you know, I just like to show people we’re actually in business. You know? I’m not just here talking crap.

There’s a real life deal at Miami Gardens, okay. If you’re South Florida guy, South Florida gal, South Florida investor or wholesaler, whatever, you know Miami Gardens is pretty hot. If you’re an out-of-towner, Miami Gardens is pretty hot. All right.

Miami Gardens is a great investor area, neighborhood. I said it, like, three times too. Anyway, I’m thinking mental, okay. So, it’s a great investor area. Let me run you quick through this deal. A Miami Gardens deal, we had an ARV of 310. The local guys, think that’s a lot. Well, I’ll tell you why. First of all, it’s a big house, like legal 2400 square feet, legal 4/3, I think, 4/3 or 4/2 legal, and a 24,000 square foot lot or something like that, and on the canal. So it was a dope house, a dope house in a pretty nice area of Miami Gardens. So that’s how we came up with that ARV. There’s comps to support it, too.

We sold it, so bye, at $226,000 and they gotta put about $20,000. This is only part. That could be $20,000 or $25,000 or $30,000, right. I mean, plus or minus. But $20,000 I think is pretty good. Let’s say $25,000. At that, it’s a $41,000 profit for however bought this deal. We sold it in, like, a day or two because it’s just a hot area, all right. Usually a good deal will sell in a day or two. So if you guys are on a list or if you work with us, don’t blame us if, like … you know, we’re not the evil guys trying to sell everything. It is what it is. People send offers and they send escrows real quickly.

So, what I’m trying to say is that there are still deals. If you’re okay with … you know, obviously you’re gonna have to invest $226,000 plus $20,000 and say plus $30,000, you know, $250 K call it, and you’re gonna make $41,000, if you’re okay with that, there’s still a lot of deals out there for you. Like right now. This happened yesterday and today is, what day is it?

Speaker 2: Friday.

Speaker 1: Friday, July, where are we? April, May?

Speaker 2: May.

Speaker 1: May.

Speaker 2: 18th

Speaker 1: May 18th, 19th, whatever. One of those dates. So this happened real time. So be on the lookout for deals, not only from us. If you guys are fixing flippers and you need deals in Day, Broward, Palm Beach, they’re still out there. Yeah, you have to work a little bit harder to find them. There’s a ton of wholesalers and a ton of investors, but they’re still our there. Like, this happened in real time.

And if you guys need any advice of how to get there and all that stuff, I would love to chat with you guys. I’ll have a calendar link on the link below or on my website you can find calendar link at capitalriseinvestments.com, or if you call us, find us, if you’re on emo blast, you know, reply to us or something. Come knock on our door. Buy us a coffee or something. If you come, we’ll pay for your parking or, you know, give me a glass of water, champaign, you know, a little tree. I have a little tree that died. It’s sad.

Hey. So there’s deals out there. Get them guys and subscribe. I’ll see you later.

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