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Work And Life Balance
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What’s up guys? Raul here, Capital Rise Investments, your neighborhood wholesaler.

Speaker 2: I like that.

Speaker 1: Anyways, I keep saying it like that. So I wanna talk today about work and life balance. Like a little skill, like a little teeter totter. I feel like people, no matter how successful you are, whether you’re a regular employee or a business owner, a CEO at a Fortune 500 company or something, I feel like everyone kinda has that struggle. My short answer is it’s a never-ending struggle. You’re always gonna have either do you live more, enjoy family, blah blah blah, or do you work more so you can do this eventually? I’m saying there’s always that balance. My philosophy is you kinda just have to go with your really gut feeling.

But set expectations for yourself and for your loved ones. Let’s say you have a point in your time that you’re growing your business. You gotta go with what you feel. If you need to grow your business, it’s actually a disservice to the world and to your family if you don’t act upon that feeling and grow your business. Here’s where people mess up. They say, “I’m gonna go grow my business,” and they go in their office for 80 hours a week and leave their family behind and their husbands or their wives. Just a big clusterfuck, okay?


What you can do though is you tell your hubby or your woman, “Hey, hubby or woman, I’m gonna be working 80 hours this week ’cause I need to grow this business. It’s probably gonna take me another month to really settle these things so just work with me here. It’s just temporary.” Or whatever. Set the expectation for them, ’cause it’s hard to know. And then you set the expectation for yourself. Like, “Alright, I know I have a month to work 80 hours a week to make this happen.” And then the battle starts coming. Then you’re gonna start feeling, “Well now I gotta spend time with my family, now I gotta spend time doing this, gotta spend time enjoying, traveling.”

We all need time for that stuff. We all need it. no matter how successful or how not, we all need it. So I would say in a very clear and concise way, go with your gut feeling and send expectations to your loved ones, the people they’re due to effect, and yourself. And just move forward at 150 miles an hour. Once you have that clear on the table, “Hey, this is gonna happen for 80 hours a week,” you better spend those 80 hours a week working and growing that business. Or if you’re gonna go with your family vacation, you better vacation so hard you’re not gonna wanna vacation anymore.

You know what I’m saying? You better chill on the beach so hard and drink that margarita til you yak.

So I hope this helps, guys, and click on the links below, find us on the interweb. I definitely wanna communicate with you guys to know what you think of this. I mean, it’s pretty funny. And hopefully we can do some deals together in the future. Thank you One Love.

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