What Is The Mastermind Meeting? | Capital Rise Investments

What Is The Mastermind Meeting? | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What’s up guys? Raul here from Capital Rise. We are investing. All right, coming to you with some news. Actually not some news, I just wanna share a couple thoughts. Real quick. Two minutes here. Two minutes. I went to a Mastermind, it’s by Kent Clothier, Sean Terry and Justin Colby. What a Mastermind is, is a group of like-minded people … So in this case, all of us are in real estate investing. We come into a location in this case, was Orlando, Florida.

And we’re in a room and all we do is talk about our business. What’s working and what’s not? And we give feedback. So I wanna share a couple of things that I learned and why it’s so valuable. So I learned that consistency is still the key to success. Alright? Continue to do whatever marketing channel you do. If you fix and flip? If you buy and hold? If you wholesale? If you do whatever? You gotta keep doing it nonstop, man. That’s the common factor in all this. Every person like, “Oh man, it works for you?” You can say, “Yeah man, I’ve been doing it for two years, three years, five years.” “Cool.”

And you know, as many cool tools as there are, like there’s a bunch of CRMs and softwares and data and this and that. All that’s real cool. Right? But what you really need is good people to help you with this cool stuff. Alright? I learned that, and I’ve been learning that more and more. And it’s just so powerful when you hear it from higher level guys. And again, man the people are so important. Be slow to hire and fast to fire. Okay? For a lot of you guys that are watching this are either, you know call my email this. Because you guys are buying houses or wholesalers or are starting your business or in some kind of real estate business.

And you guys are gonna have employees or people working with you or partners. So be very careful, not very careful, but be very selective of the people that you work with. Okay? Because it’s a relationship. So why this Mastermind is so powerful is … Dude the people are beasts, alright? You know what I love about it? You know I’m here in this office, right? And this is all cool and fancy and we do a bunch of deals or whatever. But then I go there, and there’s always a bigger dog. Right? A bigger cat. I don’t like cats. A bigger lion, right?

And then it like humbles you, man. It’s like, “Dude you know what, I’m not a big shot, right? I’m just here learning. I’m just here learning.” So I really like that about Masterminds. You meet some really cool people. And everybody’s kind of like … You pay a lot of money, right? I pay … I don’t wanna say because I don’t know if I’m not allowed but you pay a lot.

Thousands of dollars a year to be in this Mastermind. So everyone else has paid that. So what do you think? If somebody has paid to be in the room, just like you, don’t you think they have the same intention to meet good people and grow their business and help out? So it’s really cool and I met some interesting people and it was exciting. It was exciting. I really like going to those things. It kinda just humbles me. I always learn a lot. I always meet someone else that I can do business with.

Really cool. I would recommend getting into any Mastermind you can. Or just huddling in a group of friends and meeting once every couple months in your same business or in your same circle or in your same influence level. So just a little nugget a the day. So thank you guys for watching. Subscribe somewhere here. And I’m also gonna put like a Calendly lead link, so you could schedule a call with me and we do a quick 10 minute if you guys wanna find out anything else or if you just wanna talk crap for 10 minutes? I don’t mind. I’m down to do that for a couple hours of the week. So if you do, if you have an interest? Click on the link somewhere. And we will be in touch. Thank you guys.

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