Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What up, guys? I’m back. I’m back for more. You can’t get rid of me. If you’re watching me, you can’t get ride of me. I’m watching you. I’m watching the lens of the camera watch you what the computer and the little TV in the back of your house and your cat looking at you. Okay, I went far. Again, dammit!

Anyways, so, here’s a quick [inaudible 00:00:25], I’m gonna make this one really short and sweet. We are naturally here in this company, we’re naturally introverts, but now we wanna come out and we actually wanna meet you. We wanna meet the people behind the lens of the camera, and I wonder if you guys are real people or robots just clicking play. I would hope you’re real people, if not, whatever.

So we wanna meet you. Our offices are open. We have enough time set out to do at least two meetings a week with different people. And it’ll be pretty cool. I wanna talk shop, meaning talk deals, talk real estate, we can talk about other things, we can go have lunch downstairs, I don’t care. I just really wanna meet the people that are watching this, are doing business with us, or wanna do business with us, or wanna learn about this, or are curious, or just wanna tell me that you hate my voice, I don’t know. But I do wanna meet you guys.

We will have a phone number or link or something below so you could schedule a time on our calendar. And me, Luis, or Melvin, or someone from our team, we’ll all gather, we’ll meet you, we’ll talk crap, and we’ll see what we could do together, if anything. If not, you know, let’s make some friends, okay? You know, my mom told me I should make more friends. So, that’s the reason I’m doing this. So thank you, guys. Love to meet ya. Click somewhere here and subscribe.

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