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Raul: What’s up guys? Raul here reporting live from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m not from Atlanta, Georgia. Okay, but reporting live here and I wanna come to you with a quick video today about we are direct people investors. Okay? And this video not only goes out to buyers, it goes out to my other wholesalers out there, my other JV partners out there. It goes out to all the agents, everybody doing deals currently in the state of Florida. And is currently on our list or watching this video. We are direct.

Okay, what the hell does that mean? And why do I care Raul? What the hell do I care if you’re direct? What does that even mean? All right. A couple things. It means that there’s no middle man. Okay? It means that if you’re a wholesaler, if you’re a buyer? You see it on our list or our boy Melvin here from the office. Or someone calls you and says, “Yo, I got this property.” Or you got this text message, do you see this email blast? That means that we technically have this property.

Okay? Like, literally right here. It’s ours, you know? Like, this is all the stuff here. We don’t have every property in the world, I get it. I wish we did. But the ones that you do here from us. We do have it directly. So that allows direct negotiation as well. I know you guys like to negotiate and so do we. Okay? And it’s a lot tougher to negotiate when there’s tons of people in the middle. So … I mean … I mean … I mean, what else would I have to show you? What else would I have to show you?

So yeah man, it means no middle man. You can negotiate with us. We have the showing access, like, here. So our teammates when they’re calling or you tell us, we literally just look here and it’s like, “Oh we’re showing 619. The lockbox is this, blah, blah, blah.” You know? So it’s like … We like to get stuff done, man. We like to get stuff done around here. So, what do I say? Oh you’re not going to repeat it cause I’m talking to a camera. But yes, no middle man. We are direct. So if you see it on our list? Hit us up. We’ll help you out. Subscribe here, click on the links, do a bunch a cool stuff and see you in the next one. Bam.

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