How We Break Down “HUSTLE” to make $7$ FIGURES

How We Break Down "HUSTLE" to make  $7$ FIGURES
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Speaker 1: Oh, you started it?

Speaker 2: No, I just [inaudible 00:00:02].

Speaker 1: I see a red dot.

Guys, listen up, okay? This is one of the most important topics we can ever discuss when it comes to business, finance, et cetera, it’s hustle. Hustle. What the hell does hustle mean? Okay.

So, you read books, you see videos, you’re on YouTube, you’re on Facebook, and you see people saying, “I’m hustling, I’m hustling. I’m working here, I’m getting deals, I’m hustling. Every day I’m hustling.” Rick Ross, we should put that song on in the background.


Every day I’m hustling. What is hustle? So, I’m going to go over today a couple things. I’m going to go over what hustle is, the breakdown, okay, the way I break it down in four ways and why you need it, always and forever. And why hustle is the number one reason for your success.

So, I have … Let me get this. I looked this up, right? I looked up, “What does hustle mean?” in the dictionary. I was just curious, and hustle, what it means is, “To obtain by an energetic activity.” Okay? So, that’s what hustle means. Using energy. To obtain something using an energy and activity, right?

And in the Urban Dictionary, I love this one, in the Urban Dictionary, hustle means, “To have the courage, confidence, self-belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities for yourself.” So, I love those definitions, okay?

What I love is the Merriam-Webster definition that says hustle is obtaining something by energy. It’s beautiful. Anyways. So, let’s jump into it, okay? This is the first thing that’s broken down to. Hustle starts with belief, okay? Hustle starts with belief. And, what do I mean by that?

If you don’t believe that something can be true, if you don’t believe that something can be real, then there’s no reason to hustle. There’s no reason to go out of your comfort zone. There’s no reason to keep going, there’s no reason to even try.

So, step number one, and the way hustle breaks down, someone begins to hustle and start a business. Someone begins to hustle and change their job. Somebody begins to hustle and sell something because they believe they can do it. Does that make sense?

Tony Robbins says it best. I’ve been to Tony Robbins’ events, I’ve read his books, and I’ve seen videos. Guy’s a beast. Anyways. Tony Robbins said it best. It starts with potential, then there’s action, then there’s result, then there’s belief. Or you can start this way as well. There’s believe, then potential, action. It’s a quadrant, okay, so there’s no right or wrong, but let me go into this a little bit because it’s key. It’s so key.

You believe you have potential, right? You start and a new venture. You ask for the raise, you open up a business, you start to sell something online. You start an eCommerce store, because you believe you have potential to do it. Does that make sense? A student has to believe, even a young kid in Kindergarten, right? They have to believe they’re going to pass their little test. Little test, because they’re little kindergarten, but there has to be a potential, a potential factor there. There has to be potential that you believe that you can do it. So, anyways. Sorry to get off on a tangent, but … See, I believe there’s a potential.

When you know there’s potential, what you’re going to do is take action, right? Okay, I know I can sell that house. Okay? I know I can get that house under contract. Cool. So, what do I have to do to get the house under contract? I have to take action. I have to send mail, I have to do cold-calling, and there’s action.

Then when there’s action, you get a result. Oh, cool, I got that house under contract. Or I didn’t, I was really close. Or I didn’t sell that house. Or I did. There’s a result. Then after that result, comes more belief. And it just goes full circle. Or full square, as you can see.

The way that the hustle breaks down, the reason somebody starts to hustle and changes their activity, is because of some kind of belief in them that they can do more. There’s some kind of belief that they can amount to more, okay?

When I started my journey, I was 20-years-old, 21-years-old, and I had the belief that I had the potential to do more. I was working, I was selling cars, I was going to school, I was just kind of getting by. But I always knew there was more for me. I had this weird belief, I know I can own property someday. I know I can be an entrepreneur someday. I know I can have company someday. I know I can be on camera talking shit someday. I had that weird belief. Maybe not that camera thing. But I had that believe, right?

And then I knew that I had the potential. And what really successful people do is that they picture this before it even happens, right? So in your mind, you can see the potential in yourself. Okay, man, I’m a beast. Man, I had a good upbringing, or man, I’ve been through so much that I know I have the potential to overcome this and get through, and fight and sell, make money, make more, increase the wealth of myself and for my family. Potential.

Then they see themselves taking action. Cool. Alright, I know I have the potential so what do I have to do. Okay, man, I picture myself going out there and knocking on doors and working till night time until I get my first deal, make my $20,000. Result.

Then when you get the result, man, if I can do it once, I can do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, right? So Tony Robbins has a really good video about this. I would encourage you guys to watch it. Just search up belief quadrant or something; I’ll put a link below.

What does this mean? Why did I put this up here? Why is belief broken down from hustle? It’s the first thing you’ve gotta have. The answer to all this is to take massive action. I put here ‘take action’ but I should’ve put take massive action. Massive action. You’ve gotta believe your potential, take massive action, and you will get all of these things. Action is there.

Awesome. What’s next? Energy. You heard the definition, “to acquire or obtain something through energy.” I heard this on a podcast the other day. And think of the last two presidents, we got Donald Trump and we have Obama. Whether you like them or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s not the point of this. The point is who they were up against, Donald Trump had more energy than his opponent and so did Obama. McCain, Biden, no offense to those guys, those guys are great, they’re really smart people. Donald Trump had more energy. Obama had more energy. Whether the energy was laughing, whether the energy was speaking and getting people engaged, or whether the energy was shaking more people’s hands and taking pictures and traveling along the world, they had more energy.

What does energy mean and how do you get energy? Energy is something, you gotta picture it, that energy is not something that’s just given to you, energy is something you create. Think of an energy plant, an energy factory or whatever, and it’s something that’s created through motion. In our body, energy is created through physical motion first, right? Tony Robbins talks about this as well. You’ve gotta your state, you gotta move, move, move, and that’s how you get energy. I’m sure all of you guys, you start working out, and you’re done working out and you have like this weird energy, right? Even if you’re tired, you have energy, because you have to create that energy. Anyways, that’s for the physical body.

Now, what’s is energy really talking about? The idea I’m talking about is to hustle, right? We wanna understand what hustle is and how to do it. This energy… You need energy to go hustle, right? You need to wake up at seven a.m. and you gotta go knock on doors, you’ve gotta make a hundred calls a day, you gotta go out there and make offers, whatever you wanna do in your business and your life. And energy is fueled by mission, purpose, and big goals. If you don’t have these three things, you’re gonna have a really hard time getting energy.

These are really big subject that we can go on and on forever but however you wanna figure these things out, however you wanna research these, that’s fine. I think I actually have another video that’s a 16 minute video that I go in depth about it. I’ll put a link also there or at the end of the video you see a thing. It’s me talking in a coffee shop or something and I go over it. Anyways.

Mission, purpose, and driven by big goals. Grant Cardone talks about big goals. He’s probably the best in the world at explaining why big goals work. 10x, all that shit. All that shit’s real. Whether you believe it or not, it’s real. If in your mind, you’re thinking 10 steps ahead, if in your mind you’re thinking 10 times bigger, you’re going to have a bigger mission, a bigger purpose, you’re going to have energy to get up in the mornings to fulfill these things.

Now, you won’t… You can set a 10x goal right now. You could write it down on a piece of paper and you won’t go do it and achieve it. You know why? Because you don’t believe that shit. That’s why that’s step number one, you gotta believe that shit. And these will give you the energy to get up and go out there and crush it, and crush your goals, and do whatever it takes to get there. Get a mission, get a purpose. It could be anything.

When I first started, I didn’t really have one, okay? My mission, my purpose, was to just go out there, start a business of my own that’s pretty cool, and make $100,000 a year. My first year I made $166,000, and then that’s when I started getting more mission and purpose driven, because cool, I fulfilled my monetary goal, now what else? Oh cool, I wanna bring people on. I wanna have a team that inspires me. I want to able to make enough money so that I can have passive income so I don’t have to work as hard and maybe do bigger projects so I can help more people, get on camera, employ more people so they can feed their families, et cetera, et cetera.

But you don’t have to… This does not have to be perfect, right? The biggest thing I’m focused on is this: big goals. The mission and purpose doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need something, right, something to chase after.

Next, sales. Hustle… I always think of hustle and I relate it to sales. Who doesn’t, right? You think of hustle and you think of someone like “hey!”, someone sketchy selling hot days in New York, or maybe someone like a drug dealer or something. I always think of some kind of sale. And the way I broke it down is there’s two steps. Two steps to the sale part of hustle.

Number one is sell yourself. What does that mean? That’s really similar to kinda the belief system. You have to believe in yourself. But the reason I say all that is you have to sell yourself, that you can do it, you have to sell yourself on the product, on your service, on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re even…. Let’s say you’re not starting a business, say you wanna raise. You gotta sell yourself that you’re worth it. So that’s part of hustle. You gotta sell yourself, you gotta sell what’s in here to then go out there and fucking crush it.

And then step two is do step one every day, so there’s three steps. Step one, sell yourself. Step two, do step one every day. Step three is learning to execute. Now right here, do not learn too much. That might be contradictory, that might be a contradiction from what you’ve heard with other people. I don’t want you to learn so much, I want you to learn enough to sell one thing, one service, get one contract, sell one house, sell one pair of shoes. Enough to have that meeting with your boss. One. Don’t learn so much, just learn enough to do one. Once you do one, the rest is gravy, the rest will come.

Really important. Sell yourself. Do step one, which is sell yourself every day. That never stops. Every day you have to wake up. That’s why affirmations exist. You’re selling yourself on that vision. You’re selling yourself on the belief. You get it? Sales. Sales is not some sleazy thing. Get that out of your mind. That’s been proven wrong a hundred times. Read Grant’s book. Read Never Split the Difference. They talk about sales and how important it is. And really sales and entrepreneurs and marketers are the people that change the world. People who change the world. So you have to really good at something yourself and then get really good at learning what you’re going to sell, the product or service, and execute. Just learn to do one. Don’t study everything. Just go out there and learn to do it.

Now, these are my three things, how I break down hustle. I wanted to add this in here because I think it’s important. If you want to be a hustler and always be wealthy and always have a future, this is the key. Commit. And I know this all sounds like some hoorah shit and that’s the reason I’m trying to put it into context as far as offers, contracts, doing deals, selling shoes, whatever you do, selling cars. I want to put it into context because although it is this woowoo thing, if you don’t believe in it and you don’t find it important, you’re going to be left behind. By people like me, by people like Tony Robbins, by people like Grant Cardone, who do this shit, man, and who teach this stuff. So I suggest you give it a try. Even if you don’t believe in it, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

Commit. Man, commit, what can I say? The word says it all. Commit. Commit to figuring it out. How much you have to hustle to make it work. There’s so many challenges that are going to happen. You can get these three steps right. You can start your business, you can start making money, you can become a millionaire your first year, you could become a millionaire your second year, you could become a millionaire in two days. Won’t happen, but you could be a millionaire in two days. And if you’re not committed to figuring it out, if you’re not committed to all this, all the time, guaranteed you will end up broke. Or you will end up with nothing.

Think of the ball players. Think of football players. Think of Mike Tyson. Think of these guys who… They were committed, they believed, had energy, they sold themselves, they did boxing, they played football, they played basketball. But they weren’t committed to their wellbeing. They weren’t committed to always learning. They weren’t committed to figuring out what it takes to always be rich, what it takes to always be wealthy, what it takes to always have wealth for your family and yourself.

It’s so key when you commit to figuring it out all the time. And figuring it out is a term I love and I think every entrepreneur understands this, every entrepreneur that’s actually doing something, understands this “figure it out” thing. And I think it’s something that… It’s little by little getting lost because technology, it doesn’t allow us to think critically about things. That’s why I actually encourage students to take classes such as calculus and hard maths because you have to figuring things out. It’s not very straightforward.

Anyways. You have to commit to figuring it out, to make it work. There’s going to be problems, there’s going to be challenges, there’s going to be hurdles. You’re going to have a deal, you’re going to get undercut, you’re going to believe you’re going to start, you’re going to make 100 cold calls the first day ’cause you got energy, you got mission purpose, you’re gonna do it. You’re going to be good at sales so you’re going to get that deal on the contract. You’re going to extend it for $20,000 profit. You’re going to go one week before closing and the buyer says, “Hey, I don’t have funds. My lender doesn’t want to lend on it anymore.” The seller’s going to all you and say, “Hey, I don’t want to do the deal. Someone else offered me more.” And if you don’t commit to figuring it out, you’re fucked. You’re dead in the water. Understand? I wish I could hear you guys talk back. But anyways. You’re dead in the water so you gotta be committed. You gotta be committed.

Again, why is this important? Why is hustle that important? Why did you do this video? There’s just… I like to simplify things. I like to get complex things and simplify it. Although hustle is such a small word, couple letters, and a small definition, it has such a complexity out there in the world. There’s hustle in every book. There’s hustle in every video. People are arguing, well, should you hustle? Work smart verus work hard? Stop hustling, you should be doing this. And stop hustling, you should sitting on a computer. It’s all accurate. But what they don’t understand is that the successful people do hustle. Some hustle smarter, some hustle harder. Doesn’t matter. They all understand these principles. They all understand what this is. And they all do it.

So. Take a deep breath. Hustle, get your hustle on, man. Focus, guys. Believe. Energy. Sales. Commit. I love you guys. I will see you in another video soon. If you love this shit, if you don’t. I mean, if you don’t, you don’t have to subscribe, but subscribe if you wanna see more. I will be coming out with more content. If there’s anything you want me to talk about, I am really good at real estate wholesale. I’m good at figuring it out so anything you guys kinda throw my way, I will have a response, it might not be the best but I’ll have a response. So comment, I’m always looking at my comments. Subscribe, guys. Anything you wanna see, check us out. Reach out to us. You can schedule a call with me for 15 minutes just to talk some shit. Namaste, guys. Peace. Love you guys.

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