Topic Of The Day : Staying Motivated | Capital Rise Investments

Topic Of The Day : Staying Motivated | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What up guys? Raul here, here coming live, putting it live from the office. Okay, that was lame. Anyways, I’m going to talk to you today about staying motivated. And it goes a little deeper than just motivation. It goes to purpose and if you’re starting to read about self-development or starting to do some research on YouTube or whatever, you’re going to start hearing that a lot: Purpose, mission, dada dada. What is it? And I know simple stuff, man. I love to just simplify things to like one, two, three steps, something like that. And the one step I can give you for this motivation purposing is … I can give you one more and it’s a mission, okay? People use purpose and they use mission. I like the word mission because purpose seems like you know, God has purpose or something. You know? What do I do?

All right. Mission, right? The mission can be small manage … The mission doesn’t have to be, “Let me change the world”, right? It can get there but you can have a mission of “Let me have a mission of …” “I’m going to increase my finances.” “I want to help my family.” “I want to teach my little sister how to get a good job.” “I want to …” Those are missions. That increases fulfillment, which increases happiness. Okay? If you’re really looking for a life purpose and you’re waiting for the sun to beam on you while you’re in a part of meditating with Lululemons on, it’s not going to happen. Okay? It’s not going to happen.

Just come up with little missions that will feel nice to you and that becomes your focus, all right? And, overall, as you start to feeling those missions, they’re going to then get bigger and bigger and I would encourage to always aim your mission to be huge, okay? A mission of “I want to help a million people”. “I would love to help X amount of real estate companies gain success.” “I want to help people become economically independent.” Whatever, okay? Little by little increase your mission, but start small, man. I know I’m not big at the small thinking stuff but sometimes just to get you going, you need a little mission. You need a little something, just a little taste of what it tastes like to feel yourself, man, feel it. Start there and then aim big fast. All right, hope this helps and you guys subscribe, do whatever you want, find us. Later.

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