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The Reputations Of Wholesalers | Capital Rise Investments
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Raul: What’s up guys, Raul here at Capital Rise Investments, your friendly neighborhood wholesaler. Wow, I just came up with that. I like that. Anyways, I want to talk to you or just say something. I know you guys hate us. I know that you people hate us. As us, I mean us wholesalers. “Wholesalers”. I don’t know why I imagine those … anyway, I know you guys hate us because we’re an intermediary market or we’re fake or we’re just pointing things and we’re not selling it or we’re just wasting a bunch of people’s time.

For the most part, with newbies, it’s true. Give them a break. Every new real estate agent, every new real estate appraiser, whatever. It takes time to learn the craft. Let me tell you a couple things of why wholesalers are good. Number one, we move really quick. We have to. We have to move quick. We have to put our property into contract. We got to find a buyer, etc., etc.. It’s interesting to see the dynamic that we do behind the scenes and how we can actually make the deal happen.

Two, I would say we make a lot of deals happen that other people can’t just because of our creative nature and our entrepreneurship. If you’d call it that. Number three, we also bring a ton of people into the marketplace to buy or sell properties that otherwise wouldn’t have. Let me go a little deeper because I like this one. An investor, a lot of investors don’t normally want to be real estate investors. It’s up to us. Our type of market, to market for them, talk to them and share with them our investing knowledge so they can buy properties. Not a lot of people are doing that. There’s buyer’s agents out there that are kind of doing that but for us, that’s our lifeline of our business so that is like a huge chunk of the pie and that is what we’re doing.

We’re bringing these buyers into the market and what happens? They don’t always end up buying from us only. They end up talking to the Keller Williams or the Kai’s of the world and eventually buy more properties. It’s pretty interesting that yeah, we know you guys hate us but we do offer some value. We also employee people, when the companies get bigger. We actually close on deals now. We actually buy properties. When I say we, it’s not us, I mean wholesalers in general. I just kind of want to clear the air with that because I talked to some agents and brokers and they’re like, “Oh, you guys are just cheating the ….”

Bullshit. Anyways guys, I have a link down there somewhere, or up here somewhere, to a Kai Lender or if you want to talk to me or anyone on my team about deals, properties, football, whatever. Also, I’m going to put a link to a spreadsheet that’s really cool. I designed on how to analyze deals and I’ll talk to you another time.

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