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Speaker 1: What’s up guys? [Ro 00:00:02] here, capital rise. We are investing All of the Above, LLCs. That’s not even a real company, but whatever. So, I’m gonna talk to you today about a little motivation here about staying in the game, okay? There’s just so many ups and downs on any types of business, no matter what you’re in, especially in the real estate market, super cyclical. And when you’re in a hot, competitive world like here, sunny South Florida, you can’t tell outside, it’s sunny out there, it is important if you’re serious about your career, if you’re serious about your success, if your serious about making some dough, you’ve got to stay in the game. You’ve got to stay in the game. You’ve gotta stay in the [Spanish 00:00:43]. Game in Spanish.

But, the reason I say this is because, I talk to people often in this business and a lot that are in higher levels than me, and they always give me the same advice. So like, “Look, if you just stay in long enough, if you keep pushing, if you keep going on these appointments, if you keep talking to these people, if you keep selling houses, if you keep doing that, you’re gonna make it. You just have to stay on the train long enough to get to the destination.” A lot people don’t have the, you know, the … to do it because there is a lot of down, there’s a lot of times that you’re gonna not to well in the deal, or you’re gonna lose money in the month, or whatever, whatever. But if you stay in the game, you’ll get there.

And, you know, it’s obviously easier said than done, but if you just have trust in the process, you have to make sure that you have your own little process set up, something methodically, something thought out at least to a decent level. Stay in the game. Stay! Stay! I promise, it’s sunny on the other side. When everyone quit and you’re like, “You know what? I hung in there that last like, six months when everybody’s quitting, I hung in there, man. Like, yeah, I didn’t eat. Yeah, like, I had to move out of my place. Yeah, I got a different car. But now I’ve made it, and now I’m back. And now I’m better than ever.” You know what I’m saying?

So, stay in the game. Please do it for yourself, do it for people in your industry, do it for people you’re gonna effect and help with your business and your services, do it for you, do it for everyone, do it for your frickin’ family, man. Stay in the game. If you’re really serious about your money and let’s do it.

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