Private Money Lending | Capital Rise Investments

Private Money Lending | Capital Rise Investments
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Raul: What’s up, guys? Raul here at Capital Rise Investing, your wholesaling real estate people to get you some deals, make you some money. All right, so I wanna talk real quick about private money lending. I love private money lending, man. I would love to be in that business, and I know eventually I’m going to be in that business. I’ve done some small deals and stuff like that, but I think it’s a great business, and we use private money lending all the time and so do our clients, okay? I did a little study and out of 10 of our properties that we sold, 6 to 7 of them used lending, okay? So if you have any extra money, like investors [inaudible 00:00:42], right? But whatever, if you got any extra money, or you got one of those 401Ks, or a SEP account, or an IRA, and they’re self-directed, if you need some help, I can guide you to the right people. I don’t know so much, but I know people that do.

We can put that money to work. If you don’t wanna physically buy houses, and fix them up and sell them, or buy ’em and be a landlord, and collect rent, if you wanna be a part of the real estate industry by lending your money, getting insurance, and getting the property as collateral, private money lending is great, man. And the returns are amazing, because it’s simple, we invest as you need it. Banks don’t lend to us, because the properties we buy need renovations and stuff, and they take too long to close. So, we need it, alright? We need you guys. So if you guys are interested, send us an email, give us a call, we’ll have a link here, somewhere below, and we’ll be in tough, man. Thank you.

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