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Raul: What’s up guys? Raul here from Capital Rise Investing … Investments.

I just realized, I really enjoy doing this. So if I do this, it’s because I’m trying to prove a point. Anyways, so really quick. This is for mainly towards real estate agents that are out there in the world. This is like a little thing I’m putting together, like a side hustle opportunity. Kind of like an Uber, but you’re not driving anybody.

Anyways, so time plus opportunity. If you’re an agent or a broker, or a profession out there that has people with cash money or access to cash that are looking to buy houses, we’re the perfect fit to accelerate your process there. I actually talk to agents pretty frequently, and I hear them say, “What do I do with this cash buyer I have? Do I send them deals on the MLS? What do I do?” It’s like, well a perfect thing to do from our company is: You copy and paste an email that we can send you with our properties. You copy and paste it without our logo, you can put your own logo or you don’t have to put a logo. You email it to them, and let them analyze the deals and help them.

All you’ve got to do is tell me, “Hey Raul, Hey Chris.” Whoever is going to be on the phone from our company, “Hey, he likes this house. What do we have to do to buy it? How can we see it?” Et cetera. It’s very simple. Just: “Hey, do you want to go see it? Sure, here’s the lockbox. Perfect, do you like it? What do you want to offer? Let’s do the deal.” It’s a very easy way to get your connection of a buyer that has cash or wants to buy real estate. You don’t have to do the whole process of finding a deal, making the offer, talking to agents, visiting and going on appointments, writing up 20 contracts. We do that stuff for you. It’s a really cool gateway to get into the real estate industry very quickly. It actually works out really well.

One of our top performing agent that doesn’t work with us, but brings us buyers; he made over 60 thousand last year just funneling deals that way. He did it part-time, because it’s his best friend that has money and wanted to buy houses. He got him into the industry and he just bought a bunch of houses from us, and he didn’t have to do any of the work. He didn’t need this fancy office that costs a lot of money. He didn’t need computers, he didn’t need mail, he didn’t need the internet. He didn’t need paperclips. He didn’t even do a damn video like I’m doing now.

So, I don’t know. That’s pretty cool, and if you want to learn more, just click down. We can talk for ten minutes, or you can shoot an email, whatever. We can give you more information, but the idea is: You will make commission on every single deal. We have that built into our price already, so it’s a really interesting dynamic. You don’t really have to mark up anything or whatever. We love to work with agents and other people, so click the link below to schedule a call or find us online on the internet. Website, Google, whatever. If you want a free spreadsheet to show you how to analyze deals that you can even send to our buyers with your own logo, it’s pretty cool. Whatever.

Click the link, get the spreadsheet, and get your side hustle on, man and woman!

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