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Speaker 1: What’s up, guys? Raoul here from Capital Rise Investments. We are investing. So, coming to you today live, and I’m announcing a little something that I want to do, it’s a little experiment, a little kind of new project for me, I’m starting a meetup group, okay? And it doesn’t seem all that glamorous now that I’ve said it.

But I’ve started a meetup group and the intent of the meetup group is, number one, I want to meet a bunch of cool people, okay? I’m tired of all these people. No, just kidding. So, number two, I really want to teach people what it’s like to really invest in real estate, really do wholesale, really do fix and flip, really do hard money lending. That was one of our social missions that if you go on our website, Rick, maybe put the video here or something, one of my social missions is to teach 100 thousand people, or to reach 100 thousand people about real estate investing. Meaning really what it’s like to be in the market.

So, I figured my little community here in south Florida, I could start a little meetup group. I have a little page on, we’ll put the link somewhere here. And actually, for now, the meetups will be here, in our office. We’ll do it in our conference room, and we’re gonna go over a few things. Some of the things are, how to find deals in today’s market, where the market is going, what to do when the market changes, what not to do.

What I love is what not to do in real estate is like, my favorite thing because there’s so many things, there’s so much information you can get out there online about you know, what to do, how to make money, blah, blah, blah. But there’s so much stuff that you shouldn’t do that can cost you every single dollar that you could possibly make. So, I love that subject.

So, we’re gonna go over deals, deals we’ve done, deals we can do. Just gonna talk a bunch of information. I’m more willing to teach than anything, you guys don’t have to make deals with me if you come, it’s just really to teach and meet people and hopefully make some kind of business connections out of it. I think it would be fun, were gonna do it every Tuesday, and it starts not next Tuesday, but the Tuesday after that. So, I want to say it’s the 23rd or something. Amanda can you confirm that, please hold. Oh yeah, and then it’s gonna be really fun.

Amanda: No, 24th.

Speaker 1: 24th! Of July, okay? Here at 7:00 pm, from 7:00 to 9:00. It’s gonna be cool, we’ve got a bunch of stuff. I might have a guest speaker. He’s not confirmed yet, but he’s a really big wholesaler, no pressure. So, anyways, I might have somebody, and I’m gonna have guests every Tuesday to kind of keep it spicy.

So, thank you guys, subscribe if you want to hear more, click on the meetup link if you want to reach out, if you want to swing by. Peace.

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