Meet The Team Members – Amelia D.

Meet The Team Members - Amelia D | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What’s up guys. Raul here, Capital Rise Investments, coming to you live. Today, I’m going to have a special little episode video with someone that works here in our office, a real, live human being and is a special guest so make a round of applause for Amelia. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Amelia, what she does is she helps us with all of our transactions, all of our closings, customer service work, paper work. All of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of actually making things happen.

I thought it’d be really cool to bring her on and have her share some stuff, especially on the transaction process. Amelia, say hello.

Amelia: Hi everyone. The closing expert.

Raul: The closing expert. I like that. I’m going to ask her like one, two, three questions of some stuff and she can answer and clarify for any of you guys about the closing process. Amelia, what is the first thing that happens when you get a file? You get a contract in your email or on your desk, what do you do?

Amelia: I make sure that everything is executed and I forward everything to the title company and Escrow confirmation, I give that to other companies so they can commence the process of title.

Raul: All right. Get title ready. I like that. Once we got title ready, the title company knows what happens if a problem comes up? Let’s say the title agent says, “Hey, there’s a lien or violation,” what happens?

Amelia: Nine times out of 10, there is going to be an issue with the property. Let’s say a violation or a lien pertaining to the home and we have to figure out who has to resolve that. Either the buyer has to resolve it or if not, the seller has to resolve the issue.

Raul: Yeah. I think that’s a really big one for you guys to understand. Also, part of the value that companies like us use is, we view that all back in the work because a lot of lien buyers, especially, they don’t know. “A violation. Oh crap, what do I do?” Well we’ve, over time, built the knowledge and a team to be able to resolve this stuff. It’s pretty cool. It happens frequently when you’re buying foreclosures or short sales and stuff like that so it’s good to have somebody on your team to help you or at least guide you to the right steps. Last, what is your favorite part about closing a deal?

Amelia: Resolving the issues.

Raul: She likes resolving the issues.

Amelia: I like the hard work.

Raul: Yeah. It feels good to like, “Oh, this is a violation for $100,000. Okay, what do you have to do? Okay. Bam. Bam. Buyer. Seller. Da, da, da.” All right. Closed.

Amelia: Closed. Happy closing, everybody’s happy.

Raul: Yeah. See happy wife, happy closing. Whatever. It doesn’t make much sense. Anyways, thank you guys and we’ll put a little calendar link if you guys want to talk to m or Amelia about closings or about deals or whatever and yeah. For now, one love, one heart.

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