LIfe Hack To Enjoy The Process

Life Hack To Enjoy The Process
Video Transcription

Raul: Hello, my people. So real quick, let me get into this. This is something that lately I think I read it from something from Gandhi or this spiritual book or some kind of podcast. I don’t remember exactly where I heard it. But it’s really impacted me in a big way.

So a lot of times we try to hit goals. We have big goals, and we’re on our way to get there. And that’s fine, that’s awesome. I think some of the pursuit of happiness is reaching something that you want to reach. But now here’s a different spin to it, if you’re not reaching your goal, that’s okay, or if you’re on your way there, that’s okay. But a lot of people find a lot of stress and anxiety on the way there. A lot of people find it like, “Ah, this is hard. I’m pushing. I’m grinding.” Like, “I’m trying so hard. I’m not getting there. I’m almost there. I’m almost, almost, I’m grinding.”

Now you’re reaching this goal, you want to get to this goal for a reason. The reason can be that you want some kind of material, you want some kind of freedom, you want some kind of way of thinking, you want some kind of something in your life. So you’re trying to make $100,000 a year to either have more money to live nicer, either to have money to invest, or either to buy a nice car or to have freedom. So what I would encourage you is if a lot of these things boil down to freedom, right? More money, you have more freedom.

Now what I would encourage you is start thinking in your mind, “Okay. I’m going to get there. I’m going to get to my goals. I’m going to keep working hard. I’m going to keep doing what it is.” Start thinking: number one, that it’s going to be easy. Don’t put in your mind that it’s going to be hard, that it’s going to be grind, that it’s going to be something that’s like impossible but you’re going to push through walls and break through barriers. All of that’s going to happen. Put in your mind that’s going to be easy. I know it’s a weird thing to say, but let’s say, “Hey, I’m going to go start my new business. Okay. It’s going to be easy. All I got to do is this, this, and this. Cool. If I just take it one day at a time, it’s going to be easy.” So that’s the first thing I would say.

The second thing that’s really helped me big time is putting in my mind that no matter what, I want to think, say, and do what I want. And what does that mean? That means that everything in your is congruent. So your thoughts are congruent with your words and are congruent with your actions. So if I’m reading that every single day of my life, and what’s happening is that anytime a challenge comes up, anytime something I don’t like comes up, or anytime I’m like working on something, my first thought is what I do. It’s basically acting upon instinct. There’s this book called Relentless by Tim Grover, he talks a lot about acting on instinct, and that’s how Michael Jordan, D. Wade, Kobe. You train to get a really high level in instinct and just act upon it.

Then I go deep into that, it’s a really important point, and it just brought me a lot more overall excitement and joy and like push in my life. So it’s like every day I wake up and as soon as I get thoughts, I just think, say, do what I want. It’s that simple. Don’t complicate it. Cool. If you think about, I want to move that chair over there. Oh, I want to test drive that car, or I want to check out that house, or I want to call that person, or I should text that person back. Just do it. What’s the worse thing that could happen? Course correct later.

So two things, guys, think that it’s going to be easy. You don’t loose anything. Whether it’s hard or not, but if you think it’s going to be easy, your brain is going to look for ways to make it easy for you. So whether you think it’s easy or hard, whether you think it’s easy or hard, you’re right. So you have the right answer. So think it’s easy, and start believing and thinking, saying, doing what you want at all times, whether you’re rich, whether you’re white, whether you’re black, whether you’re yellow, whether you do real estate, whether you do online marketing. It doesn’t matter. Think, say, do what you want on your way to your goals. It’ll make it a lot more enjoyable.

Anyways, guys, hope you guys like that little tip, and with my wall, man. I feel like I’m in Greece. I feel like I’m in Greece, one of my favorite places in the world, by the way.

So subscribe on this channel if you like what you see. There’s a get the little bell, subscribe so you can see the notifications, all that stuff. Really want to get to a bunch of followers, not only for the sake of having followers but to be able to push out more content and help more people. And I really want to hear what you guys have to say. If you guys are doing one of these variations of these two, comment it below. I’d love to hear your experience with it. And yeah, guys, peace. One love.

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