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Speaker 1: Why hello?

What up guys?

[inaudible 00:00:07].

Hello there. Didn’t see you there. I’m lying, yes I did. And I always find it weird when I’m talking to a camera and no one talks back, so I ask questions and no one answers. Anyway, I’m gonna go over … Not really go over, but I’m gonna explain what happened in our last meetup group, which was our meetup group. I was actually really pumped to do this. I’ve been wanting to kind of give back a certain way and I know a ton of people want to learn about real-estate investing because it is a really good avenue to build wealth, make money, and pretty much do cool shit. So I decided to make a meetup group right here in the office. I was standing right there by the TV and everybody was sitting around here. You can find it on meetup.com, I’ll put the link below.

It was really cool. About seven people showed up and what I loved was the variety of people. One of them was a math teacher in college. The other one was an actual investor, he owned a couple apartments in Homestead. We had someone who does like luxury cars, rentals. We had another, I want to say he was an engineer or something. A really smart dude. So it was pretty cool. So all of us got to meet and talk, and then I went over a lot of the basics, and then they started asking me questions about what the heck it all means, and where they are in their real-estate investing path, and what to do next. So it was pretty cool.

Overall, it was a little basic overview, just me talking for like an hour in this voice with this shirt on actually, and then they just asked a bunch of questions. It was pretty cool. I think they got some value out of it.

It’s like a strange thing to just be like, me randomly put up meetup.com for people to come and show up. No one knows who I am. I don’t know who you are. It’s weird, but I will say if you guys are new or even if you guys are getting started, or you’ve done a couple deals here and there, it might be a good idea to check it out. It’s free. You get to talk to everyone that comes in the room. You get to talk to me and you get to talk to some of my team members that come and ask them questions, and we can help you along the process.

For example, if you’re looking at a couple deals to make offers on, our acquisitions guy is here and he can tell you, “Hey, here’s some tips to do,” or “Send me the deal. I’ll tell you what offer to make and just let me know how I can help.” It’s really just like a helping process I think is cool. And we’re going to keep doing it, and I think the one this month, I don’t know when this video is going to be released, but it’s the last Tuesday of every month, and you can find it on meetup.com or if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook or all that shit, you can see it, and see little videos and pictures of what’s going on.

So all right guys. Hope to see you there if it means anything to you. If not, well go fly a kite, and that’s about it. Peace. Subscribe.


A couple videos soon. Peace out.

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