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Speaker 1: Well, hello didn’t see you there. Five second rule. Crash, up, success, and happiness.

What up guys, Raul here, and gals. Okay. No discrimination here.

Raul here with Capital Rise Investments. We are investing. I forgot to into this shirt, man. All right, let’s see if you guys can see this. Can you guys see that there?

So I’m kind of proud of this. I came up with it myself. Some people like it. Some people don’t. I will say bad things, but I’m not going to do it on camera.

It’s actually a pretty cool shirt and it feels nice on my body. Anyways, so I’m going to talk today about sales. Is sales that important in real estate? In anything? I’m going to mainly talk about real estate, because that’s what I do. So is sales that important? Do I really need to understand sales?

And I’m going to give you two answers. I like to answer things in two answers. A bad habit right? I always say I have a short answer and a long answer. I don’t know why. People hate it, but I still do it because it makes me feel nice and I can sleep better.

I have two answers. The short answer is no. You do not need to understand sales. The long answer is, if you pick answer number one and have it as a no, you will not make much money. So that is the short and the long answer.

So the short answer is no, you do not need to know sales and understand sales to make some money in real estate. The long answer is yes. Hell yes. F, U, star star yes. Everything yes. Bam. Sales are important for everything and real estate is and in my opinion will always be a people-to-people business.

Real estate’s been around since forever right? Since things were being built. I think they started making bread in factories and that’s where real estate started. Something like that. Some crazy story.

Anyways, until this day with all this technology and with all these smart people that haven’t figured out how to automate real estate. You still to this day cannot go online from your computer screen and buy and sell your home. You can get close, but you still need to talk to people. You still need email and text and call. So real estate will always be a people-to-people business.

What is sales really? Sales is just understanding people and you have a service to offer, or a product, or a house and you’re just putting it in front of them in the way that they can tell you to say yes or no. That is sales to me. It’s not this scheme. It’s not this persuasion and manipulation type of thing. The way I see sales is, okay, I know you want to buy an investment home or I know you want to sell your home. I’m going to present to you in a way that you can tell me to say yes or no. Does it make sense or not? Pretty much. And the better you get at presenting, the better you get at understanding your people, the better you get at delivering your product or service, the better your sales is.

And it’s … I don’t know … I just will more than ten x your business if you can at least understand sales to like 30%. In real estate sales, there’s a good course, John Martinez I think it’s Midwest Revenue Group, he teaches really good real estate sales. But there’s a ton of sales people out there. Grant Cardone kills it. There’s a ton of speakers out there that talk about sales. There’s a Jordan Belfort guy. All these guys. And I don’t care who you pick. Pick somebody. Pick a course. Just learn it. Learn some kind of sale. And you’re going to see that it starts changing the psychology of how you think about people. It’s so important.

And if you want to be a master at sales, if you want to be a master real estate agent, investor, negotiator, home buyer, whatever, you spend at least 20 hours. Spend at least 20 hours learning sales. Online course, practice, mock negotiations, et cetera. And then you’ll be good and then you’ll be great. And then you’re going to be able to make enough money to go to Hawaii and do back flips on a surfboard on an 80-foot wave.

Actually I saw the 80-foot wave video. It’s insane. I don’t know why I said it, but there’s a new video of the biggest wave ever and it’s the craziest thing.

So ride the sales wave into shore, okay guys? Learn some sales. Do it. Short answer’s no. Very long answer is yes. And I really recommend number two. Bam. One love people. Subscribe below. Peace.

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