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Raul: Hey guys, Raul here from coming to you live. Today I want to briefly go over a deal, or a seller, someone that we just helped sell their home, we bought it. I kind of want to go over it, just to kind of demonstrate the three-step process I talk about.

Donna called us, saying she received a little postcard. I wish I had one to show you, but she received a little postcard. She called us in. We spoke for about 10 minutes. Got To know her, got to know her property. It turns out she owns it with her mom and her brother. So we went out there to meet her, everything was good. We talked. I don’t think she was ready to make a decision right then and there. So it was cool.

So then I think she called us like a week later and said, “Hey, I think we’re ready.” We went back out, we negotiated. We give her the best price possible, and we got the contract signed. So step one was her calling, step two is the contract sign, step three’s closing. Closing has a lot of tricky components, and luckily that’s what we’re really good at. Meaning, we have a really good title company we use, one or two. But we have really good team in here that can do it.

I want to go over, this was tricky. So Donna is the daughter of the mother. It’s the mother, the daughter, and the brother. The mother is unfortunately ill, she’s living in a hospital. Donna is living in the home, and the brother was in and out of jails. It was challenging to find him, and it was challenging to get these papers. This one took about seven months to complete. Not normal at all. We usually close in a couple of weeks or so. But just want to show you.

I knew that Donna without us, would have been challenging for her to sell. She could have sold to somebody else, but they still would have had to find her brother. Deal with working around the mom’s schedule, because she was in and out of the hospital and stuff. So we work with that. The brother was moved to three different jails. We had to search him. Get an attorney involved just to find the guy. Moral of the story is, we’re able to do it. It took many months, and then Donna had to stay in the home for 30 days, so she could find a new place and all that.

But, it was all said and done. It made us all really happy, because they were able to get the money, kind of move on. We were able to help her, even though it took a while. And it was fun. It was a good process. So, I just wanted to demonstrate in a real life example, and this house was in Pompano Beach, Florida. So, if you guys are interested, or if there’s anything you want to talk about, you can reach out. We’d love to hear from you. Peace.

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