IM IN A BOOK! Why I Paid To Do This.

I'M IN A BOOK! Why I Paid To Do This.
Video Transcription

Raul Bolufe: What’s up? What is up? YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you’re watching this. This is the OG man, I used to make videos here. This is where I started, where I made my first ever video to put on YouTube. We’ll probably put a link to it. I’m probably horrible, I still am kind of bad but I’m learning.

Anyways, want to make this quick video because I’m a coauthor. I’m a coauthor, son. I’ll show you now. Let’s pull up this page right here so you can see. Bam. Look at that. It’s got to focus. Raul Bolufe, look at that.

What is this book? What does it mean? Why did I make this video? Cool. No Agent Needed is a book that Matt Theriault set up. He’s another huge influencer, you guys should definitely check him out. He has an awesome podcast, Epic Real Estate. His course is Epic Pro Academy. Really cool dude. I’ve been to one or two of his events. And he set up this book to be marketing for sellers using a book.

Let me go into it. What he did was, he got some of the top investors, I think there’s like 14 or 13 of us in here and each investor wrote a chapter which I thought was an awesome idea. Now, a couple things I got from this experience was one, I had all my goals last year to be in a book. I didn’t know, I didn’t know why. I don’t know where. I just wrote it down and I got an email blast through him I think because since I’ve been to one his events, he put me on his email list. Said, “Be a coauthor in a book.” I was like, “Cool, tell me about it.” And he said, “Yeah, this is how it works.” I’m like, “Oh, that’s awesome.” And once it’s done, which it is already and it becomes an Amazon bestseller which we’re on the way there I believe, we’ll get the leads. If somebody buys this book, a seller or somebody gets it and they go and subscribe there through what it says in the book, we get the lead.

It’s a lead generation source. It’s some pretty good credibility. We have them here in the office. It was an overall good experience and we got to be connected with ghost writers. We got to be connected with him. We got to be connected with other awesome investors from all over the country there. I think I saw Todd Toback, Parker Styles. I don’t really know a lot of these guys face to face but I know that they’re investing and they’re doing good stuff.

Anyways, I just made this video to show that put shit on your goals and it’ll get done somehow if you actually look for it everyday. And it’s always be marketing. Always be doing lead generation. Always do something kind of different. I love this project ’cause it was like different. There’s a bunch of people going out there doing online ads and mail et cetera, how many people have a seller book with a bunch of awesome investors and selling it on Amazon and all these things? You could take it to your appointments and show hey look, I’ve been in a book, whatever.

I’m not promoting to do one. I’m just promoting that act. I’m promoting the act of doing what it takes to do something different. Do something better. Get it.

Anyways guys, that was just a quick little video, I had in my mind. Subscribe if you like this stuff. If you like this stuff, subscribe, click the little bell which is the notifications thing. We’re going to be coming out with some new shit. We have a blog coming up. I’ve been doing some interviews. We got some interviews coming up. Some cool places here in Miami. Again, and if you’re local, we have a meetup the last Tuesday of every month. Got to check that out man. The meetups are getting real dope. We got like 40 people here last time. Really awesome people. We have some really awesome people in the last meetup. I want to thank you, if you guys are watching this and you came.

Let’s get out there, let’s make some deals happen. Subscribe, peace out. See you guys soon.

One last thing guys, we stopped recording then I just thought about it, if you guys are interested in getting one of these, I’ll give it away for free. It’s really one chapter of me and the chapter talks about a really challenging deal. Actually every single chapter from every investor talks about a really challenging deal they had and how they solved it and all that. If you’d find that valuable, I’ll give it to you for free if you come to our meetup. I’ll just give it to you for free. I think I have like 40 or 50 of them in a box. And if you’re not local, if you live somewhere else, I would say, send us an email or click a link here or something. We’ll put something in the video so you can reach out to us and we’ll just send it to you for free. As a one love.

Anyways guys, thank you. Peace.

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