How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Any Money Invested | Capital Rise Investments

How To Make Money In Real Estate Without Any Money Invested | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What’s up guys, Raul here from Capital Rise coming to you live! [inaudible 00:00:07] coming to you live!

So, I’m gonna share how to make money in real estate, for real, without any money invested, okay? Just like a quick video, I like to keep them short under three minutes if you guys haven’t noticed, but I’ll share with you. I’m gonna specifically do it in south Florida.

So, the only way to really make money with zero money down, zero marketing dollars, zero escrow deposits, zero money coming to close is to leverage people. So, luckily we’re you’re friendly neighborhood real estate investors, right? But no, for real, so you can find a deal or find a buyer for one of our deals. That costs you zero money, right? So, if your neighbor wants to sell and you don’t know what to do you give us a call. You click on the [inaudible 00:00:59] link. I’ll help you through the process and you’re gonna make money with zero money.

Now, I like to look at everything with time and money. Now, you are gonna have to put your time and you’re gonna have to put effort, okay? It’s not just gonna come completely for free, right? Well it could. If you give me the phone number and say “hey Raul. I don’t want to deal with it. Here’s the phone number, here’s her name. You call her, you do everything.” Fine, you’ll still get paid. I’m still gonna pay you but it’s gonna be relative, right?

So yeah, that is something that we could do or we could have a buyer, if you’re on our email list, if not get on it. Go to capital rise investments dot com, sign up, get on our list like ASAP. If you’re on our list you see our properties and you have an uncle, a rich uncle that wants to buy real estate, say “hey Uncle, my boy Raul they’re selling a bunch of cool stuff out there with profits …” where’s my deal, man? Oh man, I can’t find my deal. I had a deal in Del Rey, alright? With good profits you get your Uncle to buy it and you get paid.

If you want your own [inaudible 00:02:07] that’s up to you, okay? But you can get paid, so that is really the way to do real estate with zero money down. You have to leverage people that already have the processes and systems and the people and the inventory to get it done. If not you are gonna have to do a lot of sweat equity, knocking on doors and stuff like that, which is possible but a really quick way to make some money leverage us or leverage your other neighborhood whole seller, just never talk to me again.

So, thank you guys and I hope that helps, subscribe, click accounting link if you want to talk to me, amen.

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