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Speaker 1: What up, guys? And gals! And grandparents. If there’s grandparents watching, shout out to you. You guys made more people in the world. So, I’m gonna talk today about [inaudible 00:00:32]. What the hell does that mean? Is it important? Does reviews even matter? Do people even look at it? And so there’s a story that happened to me and it’s triggering why I’m making this video. I’ll briefly go over it, but I had somebody that used to work with me. His name is Mark. I’m putting his name because he made me look really bad, and Mark did not comply on his word on a deal.

Basically, he made a deal with a lady and he didn’t pay her, her commission, is the moral of the story. And the lady saw that he was using our company name, which he wasn’t supposed to, and blasted it on this huge Facebook group of real estate. And I got a ton of bad reviews in three hours. I got a like a hundred hate comments, and I’m here not knowing what the heck is going on. I got to the bottom of it. We fixed it. We solved it. Everything’s good.

Now, that made me realize a thing. We live in an era of the internet, of reviews. People’s opinions, although they don’t mean anything, they matter. Okay? So what’s funny is that it won’t make a sale, but it’ll break a sale. So, to answer the question, yes. Bad reviews are extremely important. Good reviews are extremely important. Reviews, knowing what’s going on, on your social profile, or your online presence is extremely important. You have to know, and have a grip at all times, what’s popping.

So I went out of my way. I actually paid this lady even though I had nothing to do with the deal, with the help of a friend that was also involved. We both paid her like that. The bad reviews go away. I laugh at it now. When it happened, I was a little shaken up, but it just makes me realize that although these bad things can happen, if you have a ton of good reviews because you’re actually operating business fairly and honestly, it can really make things a lot better, okay?

So how often, when you go to a restaurant you Yelp it, or you search it on whatever other website thing there is. I don’t like these Yelpers, man. I don’t like these Yelpers. They go to restaurants just to write reviews. It’s weird. Anyways. Be careful what you do, who you work with, and be conscious of everything that comes on your internet profile, whether it’s your Facebook reviews, Google reviews. If you’re a restaurant or something, Yelp. All that stuff. And try to make it right. Be honest. Work honestly and fairly. Subscribe here somewhere. You can write a bad review. Then I’m gonna go find your dog and kidnap it. That’s what will happen. So, one love, guys. Subscribe. Peace.

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