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Speaker 1: Yo, yo, yo. All right, let me just sit here real quick. So I’m going to take you in a sneak peek of what we call ‘Defend Our Deal’ or ‘Sell Your Deal to Our Team’, we don’t really have a name for it, but it’s a pretty cool process. We got this idea from Rafael Vargas when we went to his event, and it’s pretty dope and we’ve always kind of done something like it,[deviation from speech 00:00:23] we’ve always kind of done something like it, but we actually started now doing it the next morning, every time we get a deal.

So, if someone gets a deal in our office, if someone’s there, they get a deal in our office, [Deviation from speech 00:00:37] someone’s there, they get a deal in our office, the next morning at 9:30, we all come together, either here in this screen or in the conference room where you’ve seen our videos, and whoever got the deal, the acquisitions guy, they have to pitch it. They have to pitch their deal. And our dispositions team, Rodrigo and Frank, they’re like the Shark Tank investors. So they’re seeing it as the investor. The acquisitions agent is seeing it as the acquisitions and they got to sell them the deal, so that they can sell it to our investors. And its worked out really well.

Then they come up with a price and a plan. So it’s like, All right. We both agree that we want to sell it at $150. This is the profit we should make and this is how we pitch it. This is the plan. This is what’s good about the property. This is what’s not so good. This is what investors got to know. It’s rented, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and it’s fucking dope.

So it’s been really beneficial. I highly recommend you guys do this shit if you have a team. And see you guys later. Peace.

Speaker 2: I think 295? Just to like have 4K more and then we will make full commission, I think. I’m sure.

Speaker 3: I would say to just list it-

Speaker 2: Three percent, man.

Speaker 3: -like that, you look again, a couple thousand bucks off, no?

Speaker 2: Yeah but she was only in the program for like a day. She got the contract today and she talked to a guy over the weekend.

Speaker 4: Over the weekend, Saturday, Sunday [crosstalk 00:02:00]

Speaker 5: We’re just pretty much doing the work of finding somebody.

Speaker 7: The only thing is, we should have put three buyers [inaudible 00:02:06]. It’s got the 2nd kitchen. They have to do that shit.

Speaker 2: Yeah they took property that had only been on the market for six days so most likely –

Speaker 5: How expensive is it to do that kitchen?

Speaker 3: To take it out?

Speaker 7: You got to do a permit so it will probably cost you an extra $7,000.

Speaker 5: So you either take it out and don’t do anything with it? Or you leave it and get a permit, right?

Speaker 7: No, dude, you can’t have two kitchens in the same apartment. That’s not a single floor duplex. It’s only single family.

Speaker 3: So you need to compare in to agent [crosstalk 00:02:42].

Speaker 7: That’s something right there they’re going to have to put in.

Speaker 3: Put in, yeah. [inaudible 00:02:49][crosstalk 00:02:49] I like [inaudible 00:02:51].

Speaker 7: Where’s the people who renovated it? What did they buy it for?

Speaker 3: About 14.

Speaker 5: So we got ourselves a 14?

Speaker 3: They bought it for … 2018, August 2018.

Speaker 5: No, enter family transfer.

Speaker 3: Yeh but an investor bought it [crosstalk 00:03:29] [crosstalk 00:03:34] [crosstalk 00:03:45].

Speaker 5: Great address, great house. I mean, it’s up to you guys to decide what you think of it.

Speaker 7: I say we could start pushing [crosstalk 00:03:56].

Speaker 5: We’re going to go to the inspection of the house and they’re going to say this house is not finance-able, we’ve just fucked up.

Speaker 3: No, you don’t need to have a fully renovated house for it to be finance-able.

Speaker 7: So basically the price is [inaudible 00:04:12], bla, bla bla [crosstalk 00:04:15].

Speaker 1: What up guys? All right first off I want to thank you for watching this video on YouTube and just hear me out for a little bit. I love feedback, I love when you guys watch this stuff, I hope I’m giving you guys some value. If you haven’t followed on Facebook, Instagram or checked out my site, go do that. If you haven’t subscribed or clicked a little bell, do it right now. Come on save yourself the trouble. So anyway guys, post comments and we’re a small channel right now so I’m looking to see comments, see what new stuff I could do. Hope you guys liked it. Subscribe, see you guys on the other side. Peace.

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