DEAL STUDY! 2101 SW 46TH Ave Ft Lauderdale
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: What’s up guys? Raul here. Check this out, check this out. I got a little deal review. I don’t know if you guys like these or not, but I’m gonna still do them, I don’t care what you say. Anyways, 2101 Southwest 46th Ave, this is in Fort Lauderdale, okay? This was a pretty bad ass property, all right? It was a little strange, it was a little strange. It was a corner lot, you guys look it up, you’ll see what I’m talking about. But anyway, let me just go over some of the numbers here, and I want to go over a little bit about the deal. And this is in real time. We actually closed on this deal, meaning we sold it, today. Yeah, today in the morning is when we received the buyers funds, escrow funds. Anyway, and what did they say? July 9th?

Speaker 2: 9th.

Speaker 1: July 9th, 2018, this happened, in real time. Are there still deals in Miami real estate? Are there still deals in Fort Lauderdale? I feel like a little bitch. Anyway, so, 2101 Southwest 46th Ave. Buyer price, 185. That’s how much our investor bought it for, for $185,000, okay? This property was a two one, and a one one. Legal, okay it was legit. It’s a corner lot, with a little two and one property here, and a little one one spaced out, okay? Fort Lauderdale, we estimated that we have it about 40,000, okay? And we got a couple people to confirm that that was pretty accurate. I think it might be a little bit high. I think you’d get away with 35K or whatever. But let’s assume the worst, 40,000. You sell at 295, okay? Also, there’s a lot of comps to support the 295. There’s other singular structures with a two one, one one, that sold for 300, 305. I like to always downplay a bit. It rents for $2,600, the two one and the one one. The two one, $1,100, and the one one $500, that could be downplaying a little bit.

So, this is a pretty good deal, and I think all in all it’s about 20% in terms of money. Which is pretty damn good in this market. So this buyer, actually we had it on our list for about a week before the buyer actually came and pulled through. And the beautiful thing about it is that, this buyer, we know him really well, and this buyer kinda came to us and said, “hey I like it, how can I see it”? We sent him the lock box, this was on lock box. We sent him the lock box, he went to see it. He said, hey, I want to offer this amount. And I said “okay”, well, Melvin, our dispositions guy. You know what the beautiful thing is? That Melvin said, “okay, give me two minutes”. He came into my office, he talked to me, he said, “hey there’s an offer with this buyer, can we do it”? I said, “yeah let’s do it”. And he called him right back and said, it’s a done deal. That’s the beautiful thing about working with us, is that it could be a done deal real quickly. Just hop on in here. I like how it swings. So, that’s a pretty good deal.

It happened July 9th, 2018. It’s real, it’s real returns, it’s real money, it’s a real deal in South Florida. Believe it, sister, and brother, and cousin, and aunty and uncle, and grandma. Click on the link to chat with us, go on our website. If you’re interested in real estate, holler at your boy. If not, keep listening to me talk real estate, and maybe we’ll get away or something, we’ll go somewhere. So anyways, one love, peace.

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