Consistency In Real Estate | Capital Rise Investments

Consistency In Real Estate | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What up, guys? Raul here, Capital Rise Investments, your real estate guy, to tell you a bunch of cool stuff about real estate and other life shit. Anyways, I’m gonna talk to you about consistency, okay? I’m gonna give you a really quick example of how this has worked in our life, and in our business, okay? After every summer, there’s a winter, okay? There’s gonna be good times, there’s gonna be bad times. The people who stay going up are the people who keep doing shit, okay? After summer, there’s a winter. What happens in winter? People get cold, they stay in their house, they hibernate, they become a big grizzly bear in their … they wear fur coats and shit, it’s ugly.

Anyways, so what you do is you keep going, you keep going, you keep sending offers. In real estate, we have to keep sending offers, okay? We gotta keep going on appointments, we gotta keep making cold calls, we gotta keep doing it, man. We’re always doing it, always, December, January, February, March, leap year, every year, okay? We’re always doing it. So I encourage you guys, put this in your mind, the winners are the ones who always keep going, man.

How come you always hear about Donald Trump? How come you always hear about Warren Buffet? How come you always hear about Elon Musk? These people don’t fucking stop, man. They just go, all the time, alright? Grant Cardone, big idol of mine. These people don’t stop, they gotta keep going, keep pitching, whatever it means for you. Keep saving, keep investing, keep making calls, I don’t know, keep doing it, man. It’s the most important thing. It’s for sure the biggest key to our success here. Started at nothing, and now we do a couple mill at least, a year, okay? Let’s get it. Hit us up.

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