Closing Dates, Quicker.

Closing dates, Quicker!
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Closing dates, quicker. 30 days, 20 days, 10 days, what day? What I would say is, again, ask the agent. Okay? Ask the agent. Ask the agents. Okay? If you’re making 70 offers a week, you should be getting some response. I mean, you should be getting every response, but you should be understanding why your offers aren’t being accepted. That is number one. Why are they not being accepted?

If it’s price, okay, tell me. If it’s closing date, okay, tell me. Escrow, okay, tell me. That’s why I love the using the term … Let’s say they deny and say, “Hey, offer rejected.” I love using the term, “Hey, I appreciate the feedback. Look, if I could be flexible with terms and closing dates and commissions and these kind of things, can we make a deal happen?” They’re going to tell you, “Well, if you change your closing date. Well, if you we can work a commission split, etc, etc.” That is how I would determine closing date. On average, we put on our contracts 30 days. If it’s a really hot property and stuff, we’ll probably put 15 or 20. You just have to play with it as well as you get more experience.

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