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Raoul: Well, hello. Didn’t see you there. Raoul here at Capital Rise Investments. Today, I’m going to talk about rainy days and cash flow.

If you’re in the real estate game, and you’re buying properties, you’re fixing them, or you’re wholesaling properties, or you’re just, you’re doing anything. You’re property management, you’re an appraiser, whatever, Okay? Even if you’re a shoe salesman at Payless. I don’t even know if Payless still exists. Does it still exist? Okay, cool.

If you’re a shoe salesman at Payless, do they even have salesmen? I don’t know. A shoe salesman at Foot Locker. No bashing on Payless, right? Whatever. If you’re a shoe salesman … If you’re anything, there’s always going to be a rainy day. I talk about this on another video, but there’s always going to be a rainy day. There’s always going to be a down time, and that’s normal, and that’s actually something you should feed off of.

For me personally, in our biggest down times in the business, was what inspired me to buy rental properties and keep passive income. You don’t have to do a rental properties, but if you’re in the game, might as well. You’re already looking at deals, you’re appraising houses, you’re doing mortgages, you’re already lending, you’re doing a bunch of shit, might as well look at it and use it. So, on these rainy days, it’s nice to have that extra $1,000 a month come in, or $10,000 a month depending on how big your portfolio is, because it’s just going to happen, it’s inevitable.

The richest people still have rainy days, it’s just their rainy days fucking pour. All right? They’re rainy day is hail, you know, when they have an overhead of $500,000 a month, and they have a rainy day, they need a lot of passive income. So it’s good to enjoy the benefit right now, if your overhead is not too high, you know spend some money. Invest some money in whatever makes you passive income. It could be real estate, it could be, you know, stocks, funds, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Commercial real estate. Just get in there.

I know, you know, a lot of people talk about commercial versus residential, and this and that. I hear you. I hear you. Commercial is probably better long term, yes. But just get in the game. Do something. Buy one house and then wait a year until you want to buy something commercial. Sell it, make money. Then buy the commercial. You know? Just do it now, figure it out later.

Just really important, something I like to talk about, in my little bean bag chair here … We’ve been needing a little spice around here. I don’t know if this really spices anything, just more comfortable, and we got another one over there that I jumped into, and almost broke my back. So, for me coming to you, on my bean bag chair, it’s quite cozy, it’s gonna be a little tough to get out of this one. I tell you to invest in cash flow stuff, for a rainy day. Do it for you. Do it for your family. Do it for your people. Do it for everything. Okay?

One love. One heart. And, subscribe below. Click any links. You know, click the calendar, if you want to talk to me. All this stuff. Take care guys.

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