Cash Buyers And The Speed Of Deals

Cash Buyers And The Speed Of Deals | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: What’s up guys, Raul here, Capital Rise Investments coming to you live, reporting live, I haven’t done this in a while, so this feels nice. Anyway, so I want to talk real quick about cash buyers and the speed of a deal nowadays. So I think all of us that are in this market agree that this is a competitive place in south Florida, and it’s a seller’s market right now. There’s a ton of sellers demanding a lot money for their properties. That means that wholesalers, that means that investors need to act pretty quickly. And if sellers really want to get their product sold, they don’t care how long you take, they just want to get it sold. So what I’m coming to you saying is if you want good deals, expect to close quickly. To give you a better timeframe, expect to close in 15 days. So as a buyer that wants good deals, just put that in your mind.

Hey, I gotta figure out a way, I need good vendors, I need my money in the bank. I need to close in 15 days. Put it in your brain. So it’s just important that you guys know that, and set that expectation so you can go out there and you hunt for houses. When you’re talking to lenders, when you’re talking to other investors, just go, “Hey Bobby. Hey Johnny. Hey Rick. We’re going to close in 15 days when we see these deals.” So that’s just my little rant today. I’m going to put a thing here so you can schedule a call if you want to talk to me or talk to anyone on my team about the deals and any information. Also, I have a cool spreadsheet that I want to share with you guys of how to analyze deals. You can see it also in some other videos we have, but thank you very much. Have a good day, and namaste.

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