6374 Delray Beach Property Evaluation | Capital Rise Investments

6374 Delray Beach Property Evaluation | Capital Rise Investments
Video Transcription

Raul: You see that? You see that? All right, coming to you live. Check this out, check this out. I like to do these … this is Raul, by the way, you guys know me already, hopefully. If not, Raul here. Anyway I like to do these little deal things because I just like to show you real time what we’re selling. Like, I’m going to sell, I’m going to sell you boy. I’m going to sell you boy.

All right, check this out. We got this house, Delray Beach, Florida. Good little deal, man. After repair value, or full retail value, whatever you want to call it, $265,000. This is spot on, I did this. We’re selling for 177. Repairs, $25,000 estimated. Everybody has a different number. I don’t like to wrestle it out with people about repairs. Somebody might get it for 20, somebody might get it for 35, I don’t know, so this is 25. But here they are here. If you buy at 177, you put 25,000 into it.

In my calculator here, we have to put a link to that calculator that I use, I made this calculator myself. It factors in the cost to buy it, like closing costs, and cost selling it, and 3% commission on the other side. So if you guys use a realtor, it’s already factored in.

So you buy 177, sell 265, put 25 in repairs, you will make $45,536. We estimate about five months turn around time. And for those of you guys that like percentages and numbers, just like me, can you switch the monitor, 22.21% on your money there. It’ll take you about five, six months to do this property. It’s a pretty big house, well it’s not big. It’s a two, two in Delray Beach, really nice neighborhood. It’s actually a 55 and over community, but hear me out. The association is chill, we spoke to them on the phone. They like flippers, because they want people to renovate the area.

All the properties in that specific neighborhood have sold in less than 30 days. The last I think four properties that were listed and sold were less than 30 days sold, so that’s pretty good. If you get your rehab time, your guys to fix up the property in a month, maybe two month max, you could sell the property in mess than 30 days, so that’s three months, and then close. So you might be even be able to do it in four months, but I’m estimating six months for your numbers. I like to be a little bit conservative. However, these are deals we’re getting in real time.

So that’s my little pitch, that’s my little pitch, I hope you guys enjoyed it. And if you want to find out more, you can click the link and schedule a call with me. It’s important to subscribe now for whatever reason that YouTube wants people to subscribe. I don’t know man, why can’t they just watch the videos and love me? Why can’t anybody love me? Maybe I went too far. Let’s bring it back here, hit up your boy. Thank you guys, I appreciate it, peace.

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